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Basic Attacks

Using the different types of Basic Attacks.

Basic Attacks are the most essential attacks performed by the character. These are normally physical attacks consisting of one or more hits. Some attacks require inputting both a directional button and face button at the same time. A universal Basic Attack is the uppercut (D+2), a high attack that deals a heavy amount of damage.

Moves that require the Left or Right button are dependent on the direction the character is facing. If facing right, then in order to perform a sweep (B+4), the Left button must be pressed. On the other hand, if facing left, then the direction must be reversed and the Right button must be pressed instead.

Kombo Attacks, a subcategory of Basic Attacks, are a combination of attacks that must be input in rapid succession. Since Kombo Attacks include multiple hits, they'll usually deal greater damage than a normal Basic Attack. An example of a Kombo Attack is Sub-Zero's Arctic Hammer (1,2,2).

Aerial Attacks are attacks that are done mid-air. These are usually done when jumping towards the opponent. Like Kombo Attacks, Aerial Attacks may also consist of multiple attacks, which are typically done during mid-air combos.

Throws are moves that grab the opponent for a small amount of damage. To perform a throw, input the THROW button. Read more about throws on the Mechanics page.

Special Moves

Special Moves can be enhanced by inputting the EX button.

Special Moves are different from Basic Attacks in that they usually are not physical attacks. They may have unique properties such as granting armor, projectile immunity, health regeneration, or other effects. Special Moves require inputting at least two or more directional buttons and one face button.

Projectiles are a common type of Special Move that many characters have. These are ranged attacks that travel across the screen. Liu Kang's Cosmic Flame (BF1) is one example of a projectile that is mainly used at long distances to keep opponents away.

Most Special Moves can be enhanced by inputting EX simultaneously with the final input of the Special Move. Enhanced Special Moves are stronger than normal Special Moves but cost at least 1 bar of Super Meter. Liu Kang's Enhanced Cosmic Flame (BF1+EX) has different properties than the normal projectile, as the enhanced version hits mid instead of high, deals higher damage, and destroys opposing projectiles.

Linking - Special Moves can also be linked from Basic Attacks by inputting the Special Move immediately after the Basic Attack. For instance, Scorpion's Whiplash (1,2) can combo into Spear (BF1) by chaining the two inputs together:

Linking a Special Move after a Kombo Attack. For Scorpion, this is input as 1,2 BF1.

Fatal Blow, a type of Special Move, is a character's most powerful attack and is done by inputting SS+EX. In order to gain access to a character's Fatal Blow, a player must be at 30% health or less. For more information on Fatal Blows, visit the Mechanics page.

Performing a Fatal Blow (SS+EX) to deal massive damage.


The "Finish Him!" screen allowing the player to perform a Fatality.

These are the character's finishing moves that can be done after winning the match or by defeating the opponent with a certain move. Fatalities, a type of finisher, are unique cinematic sequences where the character brutally finishes off the opponent. These are done upon successfully completing the Fatality's command and being at the specified distance if required. There's only a short amount of time to perform a Fatality and if not done before then, the opposing character will drop to the floor. If one is unable to perform a Fatality, the game has an Easy Fatality option which only requires two buttons to be pressed at the same time (3+EX).

Brutalities are another type of finisher that are done by meeting certain requirements and using a specific move to defeat the opponent. All characters have a Brutality called The Klassic, which is done by defeating the opponent with an uppercut (D+2) and holding the 2 button during the finishing hit.

Kameo Moves

Kameo Fighters can be used during the match by performing their Kameo Moves. To do so, input the KAMEO button, along with a direction if the move requires it. Kameo Moves require Kameo Meter, and the Kameo Fighter must also not already be on screen. Kameo Moves provide valuable assistance and enhance the main character's gameplay. Much like a character's Fatalities, Kameo Fighters have their own Fatalities that can be done by inputting specific commands.