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Ermac Render


Ermac Portrait
Type: Rushdown
Health: 700
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Basic Attacks
Sinking Feeling 1,2 High, Mid
A high into mid attack that is 0 on block and is mainly used at close-range to punish unsafe moves.
Mass Driver 2,1 High, Mid
A high into mid attack that has decent range and can be hit confirmed into a combo.
Heavy Wights B+2,4 Mid, Overhead
A mid into overhead attack that can be hit confirmed into a combo.
Ceiling Krawl F+2 Overhead
A 23 frame overhead attack that can be used to catch opponents off-guard for blocking low.
Knee Deep F+4 High
A fast 11 frame advancing high attack that sends Ermac into the air and can lead into pressure.
Wrung Out THROW or 1+3 Throw
A throw with very good range.
Special Moves
Spirit Punch BF1 Mid
A mid attack. It can be charged by holding 1 and cancelled by inputting FF or BB. When enhanced, the victim slowly collapses on hit allowing for a combo. It's one of Ermac's main offensive tools.
Witch Slam DB1 Mid
A mid attack. When enhanced, it launches for a combo. It's mostly used as a combo starter and ender.
Behind You BF2 High
A high attack. It's mostly used as a combo ender.
(Air) Suspended Animation DB2
A move that allows Ermac to float in the air. It can be cancelled by inputting D+EX. When enhanced, it recovers quicker. It's one of Ermac's main offensive tools.
Death's Embrace FDB3
Activates Mana Shield, causing incoming damage to deplete Super Meter before health. It can be deactivated by inputting D+SS.
(Air) Hungry Hands DB3 Low
A low attack that travels across the screen. When enhanced, it stuns the opponent allowing for a combo. It can be useful for mix-ups at close-range.
Shrieking Souls BF3 High
A high attack. It can be cancelled by inputting FF or BB. When enhanced, it pushes the opponent back. It's mostly used as a combo starter and to extend combos.
Shifting Spirits DB4 High
A high teleport. When enhanced, it launches for a combo. It's mostly used in combos.



Ermac's typical combo sequence involves launching the opponent with Shrieking Souls (BF3). Following this, it can be cancelled by quickly performing a forward dash, which can then lead into an immediate aerial attack (U+F+1,2,2 or U+F+1,2,3).

1,2 BF3 FF U+F+1,2,2 2,1,1+3
Dash cancelling out of Shrieking Souls will not work if a dash cancel has already been used in the combo. For instance, a combo involving Spirit Punch (BF1) and cancelling out of it will not allow Ermac to cancel out of Shrieking Souls.

For higher damage, combos can be extended with Enhanced Witch Slam (DB1). Upon landing this move, the opponent will be suspended in the air allowing for an aerial attack. An example of a 1-bar combo is as follows:

1,2 BF3 FF U+F+1,2,2 FF 4 DB1+EX U+F+1,2,3 DB1

By ending combos with Witch Slam (DB1), the opponent will be close enough to continue Ermac's offense. Ending combos with Behind You (BF2) or F+4,3 will deal slightly higher damage but will leave the opponent too far to follow up with an attack. To switch positions with the opponent, use (Air) Down Shifting Spirits (DB4,D).

There are a few other combo enders that can create powerful setups. While airborne, using (Air) Suspended Animation (DB2) will allow Ermac to levitate above the opponent and attack as they're getting up from the ground.

Another way to end combos is to use (Air) Enhanced Hungry Hands (DB3) which will keep the opponent standing and prevent them from using a Getup Attack. However, this setup is quite costly as it requires 2 bars of Super Meter while sacrificing some damage in the process.


In the corner, multiple aerial attacks can be done without the need to spend Super Meter. After performing the first aerial attack, the second one must be done immediately. Since the opponent is cornered, ending combos with Witch Slam (BF1) isn't necessary to keep them nearby.

1,2 BF3 FF U+F+1,2,2 U+F+1,2,3 4 BF2
Corner combos that start with Shrieking Souls can be quite difficult. For more consistency, Ermac's midscreen combos can also be used in the corner without sacrificing much damage.


Spirit Punch Cancel Frame Data

The following lists the block advantage for Ermac's Spirit Punch (BF1) when cancelling out of it after his Basic Attacks.

Spirit Punch Cancel Enhanced Spirit Punch Cancel
1 -2 +3
1,2 -2 +3
D+1 -8 -3
2 0 | -3 +5 | +2
2,1 -1 +4
B+2 -3 +2
B+2,4 -2 +3
F+2 -2 +3
3 +2 +7
D+3 -11 -6
4 -2 +3
D+4 -9 -4
The block advantage after 2 into Spirit Punch Cancel is greater at close-range (0) than it is from further away (-3).