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  • Added Intro Guide part one
  • Added Quan Chi and Khameleon frame data and Quan Chi combos
  • Updated combos for Geras, Smoke, and Sub-Zero
  • Updated frame data from latest patches
  • New feature: Advanced Move Filters - A useful tool for searching/filtering through all moves in the game
  • Added Omni-Man and Tremor frame data and Omni-Man combos
  • Updated Move List's table view for improved readability
  • Updated frame data from latest patches
  • Added and updated combos for many characters
  • Added a Credits and ToS page

All frame data has been added and is up-to-date with the latest patch. I've also manually corrected much of the frame data, most notably move lists for General Shao, Rain, Scorpion, Shang Tsung, and all Kameo characters. Note that there is still some incorrect/missing frame data but it'll take some time to add those.

Basic midscreen combos have been added for all characters. Corner and Kameo combos are still being worked on.

There is now an option to select the platform at the top. Selecting a platform will change inputs to button icons for that platform. Options include: Universal, PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and Plain Text.

Thank you all for being patient as I slowly work on adding more to the site. I also want to thank those who have donated, it's greatly appreciated. Just to reiterate, guides will be added in the future once the game and characters are more fleshed out, so currently there are no character pages or stats yet. Combos are still being added, Kameo combos especially will take time. If there are any combos that can be improved or added, feel free to contact me and I will add them. Thanks!

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